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10 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan in Low Investment!

Low Investment, Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2020

10 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan in Low Investment!

10 Low Investment, Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2020

Content Writing – Zero Investment Business Idea

All you would like for it’s a laptop along side internet access or just a pen and paper. Couple together with your skill in writing! it’s a Zero Investment business. it’s going to be adopted as a Part-Time or full-time job.

The progress is gradual during this quite business but proves to be profitable within the long run! Pakistani women are taking over this type of companies seriously lately as they will support their family from the comfort of their range in this manner .

Editing And Proof Reading – Innovative Business Idea

It is an easier job than content writing because it involves no self-innovation but rechecking of what has already been written. So if you’re an honest reader and have strong command over language then you ought to choose this Zero Investment business.

Ghost Writing – Small Business Ideas

It is an equivalent as content writing but the name of the author doesn’t appear. The writing is published or employed by the name of the employer. It are often viewed as a little business idea for college kids who need a part-time job to support themselves.

Blogging – Best Online Business in Pakistan

Blogging has been trending lately. And it’s proved to be a really profitable, low investment business in Pakistan. Whether it’s a beauty blog or a fashion blog, health blog or technology blog it always attracts corresponding companies and firms to profit from.


is functioning on a contract basis for a spread of companies, as against working as an employee for one company. Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed and have the liberty to select and choose their projects and corporations they might wish to be related to .
It has proved to be the foremost Profitable Small Investment Business In Pakistan Lately. Specially help in Women Empowerment and employment.
Social Media/ Online Marketing:
At 6th in our list of small business ideas in Paisktan, we kept the web Marketing which truly is booming currently. Else than the essential accessories i.e: Laptop or mobile and Internet connection this sort of zero investment business doesn’t even require tons of skill. you ought to just know the essential use of Social Media and has got to promote or advertise any small or large business over it.


Of the increasing trend of photography, now it’s not only confined to weddings. People tend to travel for a proper photographer on childbirth or a family get-together. A one-time around 1-lac rupees investment during a DSLR Camera will surely end in profitable outcomes. Photography is an innovative business idea to choose in Pakistan. Whether it’s Wedding or event photography or modelling it’ll be fruitful if you’ve got the skill to try to to it.

Free and paid photography courses are available throughout Pakistan and also online to urge trained for becoming knowledgeable .

Home-Based Cooking:

With the increasing awareness of healthy eating among the Pakistanis, home-made food is usually preferred. Thus such alittle business with a coffee investment of preparing home-made food and making it available to those that are faraway from home can convince be a really highly profitable business idea to travel on within Pakistan.

Lahore, as an example , is where people from everywhere the state tend to return for various purposes. So, alittle business in Lahore of a Home-Based Cooking setup are going to be a highly profitable business idea.

Makeup Artist:

Investment in makeup today is one which will pay off needless to say . As makeup is taken into account to be the foremost essential element of the lives of Pakistani women.

Though it’s going to come under the category of 1 lac rupees investment business in Pakistan. As not only the high end, good quality makeup products are costly but learning the skill professionally is extremely essential and requires time, dedication and investment.

But not vainly , Makeup Artists today are making an excellent fortune even from their homes and have gained popularity and access to commercial platforms after self-teaching and blogging!

Art And Craft:

With all the hype of Bridal Shower, Baby Shower and a few more of such additions in our customs. Props, backdrops and customised items have gained popularity.

Now is the proper time to take a position in such a small-scale, low-investment business in Pakistan. All you would like is innovative business ideas and therefore the skill of your hand!


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