Recently more and more people want to form their social network preferences private. Restaurants, stores, sport teams, charities, support groups…you “like” them on Facebook and everybody knows it. And who knows, could also be your likes are going to be judged by your friends.

Your social friends can misunderstand your likes. for instance , you liked a page with the outline of fifteen different sorts of vodka. That step will make your family and friends to be afraid for your health. And in actual fact, you liked this page because you wanted to urge a reduction or a coupon during this store that sells not only vodka.

No matter what pages you wish and what you don’t, what you’ll do needless to say is to settle on and alter the privacy settings. you’re to make a decision whether you’ll be the one to ascertain your likes, or could also be you would like your friends to follow your likes.

Let’s check out the ways in which help to stay some applications private. After all, there’s no got to display all of your life.

Types of likes:
There are several sorts of likes on Facebook. If you open your profile, you’ll see different sections or categories like music, books, movies, TV, games, sport teams, entertainment, interests and other pages.

You may control the list of friends who see your likes on the category level, but you can’t hide individual things that you simply liked. for instance , you’ll hide the entire Sport Teams category from everybody, but you would like be ready to hide your like of the concrete sports team page.

How to cause you to likes private?

  1. Log in to Facebook and click on on Timeline section.
  2. Then click on “Likes”.
  3. Click the “Edit” button on the proper side of the page.
  4. you’ll select the extent of privacy. you’ll see several options during this section: everybody, friends, friends of friends, only me and custom. If you select “Only Me”, then nobody except you’ll see your preferences of the categories you liked.

You can choose different private settings for every of the categories, but, unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll not hide individual likes of the concrete pages.

And one last note! Facebook is understood for the very fact that fairly often they modify the settings and therefore the ways of management of your private settings. We recommend you from time to time to see privacy settings. there’s always the likelihood of automatic readjustment of the privacy settings.

Keep your finger on the heart beat and check out to act safely at the social network!


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