Fashion tips


Fashion – is that is that the art of dressing your body.

if you recognize the form of your body, and each woman should know this, then you’ll be ready to find clothes which will fit and emphasize your beauty.

Determine your body shape
When you believe the sorts of body shapes, don’t get hung abreast of height and weight. specialise in forms!

Each folks is exclusive – and our bodies too! But, nevertheless, as a rule, body shapes are often divided into five main types: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass.

Pear body shape

• Features: Your hips wider than your shoulders. Your rounded thighs and waist are clearly defined.

• Your weapon: Shoulders, torso and flat stomach.

• Your fashion aims: Emphasize the waist and arms; add volume to the shoulders and therefore the upper a part of the body, minimize attention to the hips.

• Don’t wear clothes that draw attention to the hips, like protective garment or skirts with prints.

• attempt to find a skirt which will smooth hip line.

• it’s necessary that the floors of trousers, skirts and dresses balanced wide hips.

• don’t experiment with contrasts: light top – dark bottom isn’t for you.

• Wear strapless dresses to point out your secret weapon: the arms and shoulders.

• Wear frills only on tops.

• Wear cropped jackets.

• Choose shoes with pointed toes, they visually lengthen the legs.

Wedge body shape

• Features: This body shape has wide chest and shoulders that look massive compared to a narrow waist and hips.

• Your weapon: Your legs

• Your fashion aims: Emphasize lower a part of the body and soften the upper part.

• Wear bright colors on bottom.

• Wear loose pants.

• Wear full skirts.

• Don’t wear tight-fitting tops.

• Wear tops that draw attention to your waist.

• Experiment with the garments with high waist.

• search for clothing that makes the illusion of waist.

Rectangle body shape

• Features: Waist, hips and shoulders are of an equivalent width. Slim rectangles have a sporty appearance.

• Your weapon: Your hands and legs -do not minimize the features of your body.

• Your fashion aims: Create curves and show great legs and arms.

• Wear long jackets.

• Wear tops with collars and frills.

• Wear an honest bra that emphasizes all the charm of your chest.

• Wear layers of garments .

• Wear lace dresses.

• Wear bright and experiment with color.

Apple body shape

• Features: Most overweight accumulates above the hips, which are narrow. Your back, ribs and shoulders are wide.

• Your weapon: Legs!

• Your fashion aims: attempt to visually stretch the body, show your legs and use important fashion principles so as to make the illusion of a waist.

• Dress in one color.

• Use the tops with V-neck which visually lengthen the torso.

• Use an honest bra which will lift and support your breasts.

• Wear belts to make a waistline.

• Wear flared jeans so as to balance the road of the body.

• Wear short skirts and boast your legs to assist draw attention faraway from your waist.

Hourglass body shape

• Features: Your hips and shoulders are about an equivalent size, and that they outline the slim waist.

• Your weapon: Curves, curves and curves!

• Your fashion aims: to point out your curves.

• don’t hide your curves behind baggy clothes.

• Wear an honest bra which will accentuate your chest.

• Wear dresses that suit you well.

• Wear belts to stress the curves of the hips.

• Wear a skirt with a high waist to draw attention to the hips.

• Choose thin and lightweight fabrics.

• Wear straight and thin jeans.


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