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  1. you’re to make successful opportunities and appearance for them. Success opportunities rarely play the doors of the homes of these who aren’t trying to find them.
  2. Discontent breeds more discontent. If you simply specialise in the negative, then presumably this negative will find you. search for the positive side of things.
  3. the present situation doesn’t prejudge the longer term . Man creates his own limitations and horizons.
  4. If an individual doesn’t help others, then he doesn’t help himself, et al. won’t want help this person during a difficult situation.
  5. Make your work your passion and therefore the money will follow you, but if you concentrate only on money and on its quantity, the standard of your work will suffer.
  6. Enjoy yourself, and limit yourself from anxiety and it’ll help joy to return back to your life.
  7. Remember that creating money may be a challenge and diligence that’s worthwhile to try to to it.
  8. The plan of your actions is extremely good, but what proportion joy brings the work which has been done spontaneously. Be bold; make adjustments to your plans which will allow you to measure a brighter and more interesting.
  9. Everyone features a talent, open and use them for the benefit.
  10. Say “No” to the diligence without reward. for each small achievement learn to offer yourself a gift .
  11. Money doesn’t bring happiness, but once you earned it, it gives a way of freedom.
  12. don’t specialise in yourself and your problems. there’s always someone whom is worse than you.
  13. Be friendly with people, we do need friends.
  14. To be impartial is to possess the key to greater knowledge.
  15. Failure is that the path to success, so don’t be sad if you’ve got failures, just rejoice. Failures can teach you tons on the thanks to success.

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