How To Search Picture With Picture in Google in 2020

Search Picture With Picture in Google

If you are searching “How To Search Picture With Picture in Google” then you have come to the right place. Here I will tell you some tricks related to photo search along with search picture by picture, so that you will be able to easily find the photo you need.

Friends, Google is getting advanced day by day. It is providing such tools that we can do our work very easily. So here is the information about some such amazing tools that will definitely work for you.Till now Google used to search only text but now in addition to Google Text, Voice and Images have also started searching. It does all this with the help of Google AI (Artificial Intelligence). If you have a photo and its quality is low and you want the same photo in high quality or you want more photos like that, then you can use Google’s Image Search Tool. This tool searches your uploaded photos on the web and shows you the same photo or similar photo.

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How to search picture with picture | How to find photo by photo

Time needed: 1 minute.

Use these asana steps given below to find photo from photo on Google.

  1. Go to image search on Google you should or click here |
  2. Upload photoNow drag & drop the photo you want to search in Google’s search box or click on the camera icon to upload that photo or enter its link.
  3. Download photoOn Google, you will see more photos like that photo.

How to search high quality photos

Whenever we search high quality photos on Google, it takes time to check the quality of that photo. But you can filter all the photos shown by Google and you will get the same quality photo you want.  

  1. The entire process of searching for high quality photos from Google is described in the steps below –
  2. You search any photo in Google and click on the Image tab.
  3. Click on Tools >> Size.
  4. A small list will open in front of you, from which you can select the size of the photos as per your choice.
  5. Now you will see all the photos of the same size.

How to see the latest photos on Google

When we search on Google, we see all the new and old photos of Google. But if you want to see only new photos or only old ones, then you can apply Time Filter on Google. You can also set a custom time range with this tool. For this follow the steps given below.  

  1. You search any photo in Google and click on the Image tab.
  2. Now click on Tools >> Time.
  3. From here you can filter the photos according to the time of uploading the photos.

How to check the resolution of images on Google

Normally, to check the resolution of photos on Google, we have to move the mouse over that photo, but if you want every photo to be labeled with resolution, then make this setting.

  1. You search any photo in Google and click on the Image tab.
  2. Tools >> More tools >> Show Sizes Click
  3. Now you will see the label of its resolution on every photo.
  4. When you have to remove these labels, click on the Clear button

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